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Providing solutions for over 20 years

Proud to help others make a difference

Solcom was founded over 20 years ago by Keith Chessell, our Chief Executive, with the objective of developing new software capable of using the increasing bandwidth available on what was then an emerging internet.

We have since built a team of talented people with multiple skills, to not only create new Internet of Things (IoT) ideas and applications, but also to work on behalf of our customers to provide them with tools to improve health and safety for vulnerable people.

We always keep our promises.


A history of success

Solcom has been winning awards since 2004, beginning with an international design award for a radiopharmaceutical product


Keith Chessell - Chief Executive

Keith co-founded Solcom Ltd & created the Whzan Digital Health system, one of the world’s first cloud-based healthcare systems. Keith’s varied career has included the creative use of software applications in all types of engineering, science and healthcare across the world.


Our team

Solcom’s team includes engineers & creative people who have migrated to software as a career. These multi-disciplined people create practical solutions using leading technology.


Solcom successfully delivers international projects to the most challenging applications including injectable nuclear pharmaceutical product manufacturing and life science/genetics research. Our growing team is focused on Whzan and driven by input from our clients who actively steer our development.

The demands on Solcom generate the most stringent internal quality and development procedures, permitting us to maintain all developments with our in-house team.

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