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Integrating our software with systems to improve safety and health

We work together to deliver your ideas and ambitions

Founded in 1998, Solcom is built on developing unique, innovative and pragmatic solutions for complex problems within process industries and healthcare.


We are proud of our multi-disciplinary team whose combined talent, knowledge and experience creates the opportunity to work with people at the cutting edge of progress, within software development and application.


As creators of Whzan Digital Health, we have been supporting innovation within health and social care since 2010 - delivering applications which lower risk and raise safety.


Integrated Healthcare

We build software that already integrates with many healthcare and patient record systems to provide a seamless transmission of confidential data used by clinicians to improve care.


Our vision includes the use of remote monitoring technology to empower a multigenerational informal care network of residents, their families and carers to manage care between them.


The Blue Box

The Blue Box is Whzan's all-in-one telehealth case. It measures vital signs, records photos, performs multiple assessments and questionnaires including NEWS2, to monitor changes to health. Warning signs of deterioration are identified earlier, speeding up positive response from carers and clinicians.

Blue Box

Guardian Kit

The Guardian hardware and system is Whzan’s home activity and informal care network monitoring system. This helps vulnerable people live in their own homes for longer and enjoy improved safety.

Guardian uses multiple sensors installed easily and cheaply in the home to detect movement, activity, changes in behaviour, home appliances and the building environment.

The sensors are used to create AI and early warnings of change or unexpected behaviour. This can be viewed on the cloud-based dashboard by providers of social care services and loved ones.



WhzApp is a brand-new way to connect with patients, monitor conditions remotely and deliver key information and care advice - all in one easy-to-use app. WhzApp is an information hub, self-assessment and communication tool, vital signs log and more. It allows clinicians to stay updated on their patient's vital signs and ensure they’re following care plans – without unnecessary GP or hospital visits. 

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